Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Telekung Lycra - MYR 50 (Free Delivery within Malaysia)

Telekung Lycra - Free Size. Various colour

ONLY MYR 50!! Free delivery within Malaysia

                          Front: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Pink/Orangey, Purple, Dark Purple

                                                       Front: Purple Behind: Dark Purple

Front: Baby Blue, Baby Pink

Baby Pink


Dark Purple

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

NEW - Original Longchamp (Pink Make Up Pouch) with warranty card - MYR 130 (free delivery within Malaysia)

Original Longchamp (Pink) Make Up Pouch
This item can also be used to store your small travel items like lip balm/lipsticks, mascara, cleansers etc

Interested? You may contact us by:
1. Whatsapp - 019-2291413
2. E-mail us: phoneticsparlour@gmail.com

Original DKNY Watch - MYR 300 (free delivery within Malaysia)

DKNY Watch with box and warranty card - original price approx. MYR 700.

Interested? You may contact us by:
1. Whatsapp - 019-2291413
2. E-mail us: phoneticsparlour@gmail.com 

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hello All,
We are letting go all fabric at crash down prices (below cost price)....Kindly browse through all our kain-kain in each publish with tagged  **!!!

Some textile/kain are sold at RM 20 and above.....and some baju kurung are sold at RM 30 and above...Why Wait?? BROWSE NOW!!

The best part is ..."Free delivery"

Please contact us at:
SMS/Whatsapps: 019-2291413

Monday, 26 November 2012

Baju Kurung Lycra - RM 55 (Free Delivery) - only 1 left

Baju Kurung: Lycra

(Material: Lycra - expandable - suitable for muslimah)

Item Code: BKLY-03
RM 55

(Material: Lycra - expandable - suitable for muslimah)

You may email us at: fwmohdpozi@yahoo.com OR
SMS/Whatsapps: +60192291413

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lycra Kain Pasang - Free Delivery (RM 60 - 4m) **

Lycra Cloth - definitely suitable for size: XS - XXL 
The width ("bidang") for the fabrics is 60" (4m) unless stated otherwise

Item Code:
KL01 - RM 60 (left only 2) 

 (Lycra cloth suitable to make "tudung"/baju kurung/jubah
- super nice material!)

Ready to place your order? Just e-mail us at fwmohdpozi@yahoo.com OR SMS/Whatsapps:
We will deliver the items right at your door step without any delivery cost!!*

* Terms & Conditions applied*

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kain Cotton design Paisley Murah2 - RM 35-40 **

Paisley design - Cotton (3.5m)

Item Code: KPCTS19 - RM 85 RM40

Item Code: KPCTS06 -
RM 80 RM40

Item Code: KPCTS07 -
RM 85 RM35

Item Code: KPCTS09 - RM 85 RM35